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CalvertHealth Board of Directors

Photo of Rev. David G Showers
Rev. David G. Showers
Photo of Wilson Parran
Wilson Parran
Vice Chairperson
Photo of Barbara Gardner
Barbara Gardner
Photo of Scott Reeves
Scott Reeves
Photo of Jeremy Bradford
Jeremy Bradford, MBA
President & CEO
Photo of Samuel Foster
Samuel Foster, MD
Chief of Medical Staff
Photo of Stephanie A Dabulis
Stephanie A Dabulis, MD
Vice Chief of Medical Staff
Photo of Anthony Butters
Anthony Butters
Photo of Chang B Choi
Chang B Choi, MD
Photo of Marjorie Clagett
The Honorable
Marjorie Clagett
Photo of Gerald Jerry Clark
Gerald ‘Jerry’ Clark
Photo of Mike Cox
Mike Cox
Photo of Kathy Dickinson
Kathy Dickinson
Photo of Rev Christopher Garcia
Rev. Christopher Garcia
Photo of Gail Harkins
Gail Harkins
Photo of Karen O'Brien
Karen O'Brien
Photo of Uday R Patel
Uday R Patel, MD
Photo of Sally Showater
Sally Showalter
Photo of Yolanda Wilson, MD
Yolanda Wilson, Ed.D.

CalvertHealth Executive Team

Photo of Jeremy Bradford
Jeremy Bradford, MBA
President & CEO
Photo of Rick Birkner
Rick Birkner
Interim Senior Vice President, Operations
Photo of Carolyn Heithaus
Carolyn Heithaus
Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President
Photo of Theodore N Tsangaris
Theodore N. Tsangaris, MD
Chief Medical Officer & Program Director, Cancer Center
Photo of Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia
Chief Compliance Counsel
Photo of Theresa Johnson
Theresa Johnson
Vice President, Brand Strategy and Philanthropy
Photo of Christian Sorochty
Christian Sorochty
Vice President, Human Resources
Photo of Kasia Sweeney
Kasia Sweeney
Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
Photo of Ben Cox
Ben Cox
Associate Vice President, Information Services/CIO
Photo of Kara Harrer
Kara Harrer
Associate Vice President, Ancillary Services
Photo of Nicole Hedderich
Nicole Hedderich
Associate Vice President, Quality & Risk Management

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